Kordia commits to Enterprise Service Management and wins

CSA’s Stephen Bosworth and Kordia’s Business Improvement Manager, Ben Jackson presenting at the annual Service Management Conference in August 2017

CSA and Kordia are jointly presenting a case study at the 2017 annual itSMF Service Management Conference. It is a story about a company who went all-in on Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to transform their approach to service delivery – and the resulting standardisation, scalability and speed of delivery is leading to serious dividends.

The Kordia Group delivers telecommunications, broadcast and cyber security solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets. The group is fully-owned by the New Zealand Government, operating as independent commercial entities in both countries. In Australia, Kordia provide on-site services for private and public network owners. They have a 24/7 network operations centre (NOC) that manages a field services team of hundreds across the country.

The challenges

Like many industries, the telecommunications landscape is changing. The threat of new entrants is driving the need to reduce operational costs. Kordia identified the need to move to digital and transform the way it operated, which was a significant organisational change exercise. This was underpinned by an investment in the ServiceNow platform as a single platform of action – and extracting maximum value from this investment.

Automation drives efficiencies at scale

Kordia are dedicated to innovation – their whole organisation and systems are in a permanent state of continual improvement. So when faced with these challenges, Kordia undertook a discovery exercise to find the best solution possible.

ServiceNow was selected as the most suitable solution, meeting Kordia’s requirement of an agile platform for continual improvement. The platform enabled a context-aware field services approach, and Kordia immediately saw the benefits that standardisation, scalability and speed of delivery could have across its organisation.

By taking an enterprise service management approach, Kordia are now able to automate their service delivery and orchestrate workflows between teams across their whole business. The potential efficiencies and cost savings are significant.

Finding the right partner to bring the vision to life

Kordia invited CSA to partner to realise a joint-vision for its digital transformation:

  • Ensure the platform selected can support the outcomes
  • Mature service definitions/processes, underpinned by technology
  • Focus on a single service at a time – and do it well
  • Release small, release often – be agile and hit MVP
  • Enable quick get-to-market through automation and standardised products


Find out more

For those who cannot attend the conference, we will make the case study available after the event. Register your interest using the form below and we will email it to you as soon as possible.

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About the Presenters

Stephen Bosworth is Platform Lead, Digital Services at CSA. Bos is a specialist in Enterprise Service Management, Software, Logistics and Education. He has significant experience in the IT services industry and has a track record that is second-to-none when it comes to delivery results and value to his customers.

Stephen Bosworth

Platform Lead, Digital Services, CSA

Ben Jackson is Business Improvement Manager at Kordia Solutions and is responsible for the architecture and strategy behind Kordia’s digital transformation. Ben has wide-ranging experience and expertise, having worked for global technology vendors, consulting companies and client-side within a number of different industries. Business improvement is what gets Ben out of bed each day.

Ben Jackson

Business Improvement Manager, Kordia