CSA Sponsors MAV ‘New Way of Working’ Forum for VIC Local Government

CSA sponsors MAV ‘New Way of Working’ Forum, presents on delivering Digital Services within Local Government in Victoria.

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) ‘The New Way of Working‘ forum to be held on 31 October 2017 at RACV Inverloch.

The day-long program focuses on mobility, activity-based working, collaborative business transformation and agile methodologies. The 70+ attendees will hear about the experiences of metro and regional councils who are at various stages of enabling and implementing these new ways of working.

CSA’s Michael Woods will present on The Road to Digital Services for Local Government in Victoria. A brief overview as follows:

The success and global acceptance of online consumer services such as Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Amazon, have set community expectations of engagement for accessible, fast and transparent services. This now pervasive commoditisation of digital consumer experiences has created a challenge for established organisations and institutions in how to deliver effective service outcomes through the newly established modes of digital engagement.

Michael will draw on CSA’s experiences working with 120+ councils across Australia to provide a view on how to deliver digital service platforms to create collaborative workspaces and automated business services. From waste collection and animal registration to customer service, IT, HR and field service management, we will discuss how our platform approach will reduce the time to innovate, avoid cloud sprawl and create a common system of action and operational intelligence across all enterprise services.

For the event agenda and to register, visit the MAV website


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If you would like to dive deeper into the solution, register your interest and we will make a time to demonstrate customer service use cases at your council:

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About the Presenter

Michael is the Portfolio Manager of CSA’s Service Management practice and a keen and experienced proponent of digital service automation. He has led and been involved with the establishment of numerous digital service platforms across Australia, delivering optimising outcomes for internal, external and executive stakeholders in Government, Commercial, Financial and Education sectors.

Michael Woods

Portfolio Manager - Service Management