CSA Sponsors 20th Annual Local Government IT Conference 2017

We continue our longstanding sponsorship of the annual Local Government IT conference, this year being the 20th anniversary of the Coffs Harbour event.

The conference runs over three days in November-December 2017, providing a forum for Local Government managers and support staff to network, learn and exchange ideas. This year’s agenda addresses a list of highly relevant topics including digital disruption, cutting edge and emerging technologies, IT best practice, industry and government trends. Visit the official conference website for more information.

Meet the expectations of your Constituents

The successes of online consumer services – from companies like Netflix, Airbnb and Uber – have set community expectations of engagement for fast, accessible and transparent services. This now pervasive commoditisation of digital consumer experiences has created a challenge for established organisations in how to deliver effective service outcomes through new digital channels.

CSA has over 30 years of experience working with 120+ councils across Australia, so we understand local government challenges intimately. In recent years we have been perfecting the delivery of digital services to create collaborative workspaces and automate business services through the ServiceNow platform, a single system of action for IT.

Visit us to talk Digital Services for Councils

Talk to us at LGIT2017 about how delivering effective digital services in Local Government is closer than ever. From waste collection and animal registration to customer service, IT, HR and field service management, we will discuss how our platform approach will reduce the time to innovate, avoid cloud sprawl and create a common system of action and operational intelligence across all local government services.

Ask us about running a free ServiceNow demo with your organisation during the event and we will come out to demonstrate use cases that align to your council. Or if you can’t wait or won’t be attending, complete the form below to start the conversation:

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