Improve User Experience and get better control by customising Windows 10 Start Menu

In a recent third-party blog, James Kindon published a detailed guide to customising Windows 10 start menus to deliver a greater user experience to your end users, while still maintaining control and flexibility.

There are multiple user types that typically access your VDI environments: typical “Task Workers,” who require a highly predictable and static environment, “Knowledge Workers,” who require a bit more flexibility and control, and administrators or ICT-based staff that rarely require any sort of control.

Custom start menu layouts in VDI environments can be a particularly useful way of presenting a controlled and manageable environment to your user base. Configured appropriately, they can be extremely powerful and flexible tools that can assist greatly in adapting the virtual desktop to your user types, providing both consistency and flexibility, as required.

The article contains screenshots and detailed instructions, and is the perfect how-to guide for successfully setting up and managing your start menus in a supported fashion.

Visit the step-by-step instructional article on the Citrix blog.

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James is technical consultant focused on the design and implementation of Microsoft, Citrix and VMware virtualisation technologies. He has a broad range of skills across cloud and infrastructure, inclusive of EUC, mobility, storage, networks and data center operations. James is a keen contributor to the community and also publishes his own blog.

James Kindon

Senior Consulting Engineer, CSA