Customising Windows 10 Start Menu.
Part 2: What to do Post-Deployment

In part 1 of this series, James Kindon showed how to deploy a custom Start Menu Layout to your Windows 10 environment. This follow-up piece looks at options and processes for changing these layouts after initial deployment.

There are a number of scenarios where you need to change Windows Start Menu Layouts after initial deployment, be it due to software changes or additional configuration changes that may be required.

Often, it is a nice and easy process at the beginning of a project, to build the perfect environment according to “now,” especially when the Citrix administrator is the only “user” of this environment. However, eventually users come along and access it, changes are requested, new applications are procured, and you find yourself in a situation where your pristine environment has morphed into a living, undulating beast that you now have to manage.

We will outline the following two scenarios:

  1. Addition of Applications to your base image and the need to add these to an existing Start Layout
  2. Removal of Applications from your base image, and the behaviours associated with this process


For further detail on these two scenarios, read the full article, which originally appeared on the Citrix blog.

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