University of Newcastle and CSA partner to drive transformation and innovation

The University of Newcastle and CSA are excited to announce their strategic partnership to drive technology-led innovation across the university, and at the same time build regional IT capability.

IT Services at the University of Newcastle has a strategy that is grounded on client-centricity. Their mission is to be a strategic partner that delivers innovation and value-adding solutions across the University, acting as an enabler of the University’s strategies.

“This means that as an IT department, we have shifted our focus up the value chain to leverage technology as an enabler of innovation,” said Anthony Molinia, Chief Information Officer at University of Newcastle. “A key initiative of the strategy is scaling our team and refocusing our priorities. By developing strategic partnerships with external providers, we now have the time to focus on high value outcomes for our clients and the University. This also has a positive outcome for developing our people and capability with both current and future industry skills.”

Partnering with CSA also aligns with the University’s strategic objective of driving regional impact. “By partnering with a leading technology provider, we are able to build localised IT capability that not only benefits IT Services, it also supports the development of community and local career paths for technology graduates at our University,” said Molinia.

“We wanted more than just a managed services provider, we wanted a strategic partner that can deliver across our whole ecosystem of technology,” said Anthony Molinia, CIO, University of Newcastle.

“CSA are agile in responding to our requirements and augmenting our teams, which are constantly changing in the modern technology environment. In furthering our relationship with CSA, we have developed a true partnership that allows for things such as ideation, automation and dynamic teaming, which has rapidly decreased our time-to-value,” said Molinia

October 2018 saw CSA win a competitive managed service contract to provide monitoring and management services for the University’s Central Computing environment. The deal advanced the longstanding relationship between both organisations. “Although the University and CSA have been partnering for many years, this is really the start of a strategic partnership that encompasses a range of digital capabilities and our foundational functions and technologies,” said Molinia.

“CSA is fortunate to partner with over 70% of all NSW universities, which offers valuable insight into the higher education sector,” said Brett Woods, Chief Executive, CSA.

“In addition to our ongoing managed services engagement with the University of Newcastle, we are also partnering with them to develop and leverage strategic digital platforms to drive innovation throughout their organisation. The successful partnership is rapidly increasing the provision and adoption of digital services across students, staff and resources to transform experiences and realise new value,” said Woods.