The Future of Modern Workplace

Organisations have been forced to adopt new ways of working, and with these changes comes many challenges for business leaders. Long-held beliefs about working styles and workplaces have evolved, with traditional work environments no longer considered the key to productivity. It is now up to leaders to continuously support a flexible and always-on workplace so that employees can work anytime, from anywhere, on any device. 

Backed by Nexon, our  end-to-end Modern Workplace service help organisations move forward with confidence. We work with you to understand your pain points and tailor solutions to meet your workflow needs.Here are some of the most common pain points our customers face:  

Out-of-date technology 

The ever-present headache of old technology is one of the main things holding organisations back, hindering workflow and harming productivity. Our Modern Workplace service helps eliminate the operational distraction of managing disparate fleets, by standardising licensing for applications and syncing up refresh cycles. You can also outsource basic device support functions to free up time for your team to focus on more important IT projects. We work to select the right devices for each of your staff, including HP devices powered by Intel®. 

Time consuming onboarding processes for new staff 

Onboarding new staff is hard at the best of times, and becomes all the more challenging when done remotely. Organisations are constantly looking to find ways to reduce the time and resources put into the onboarding process and ensure new staff have the tools they need to start straight away. We can help automate the setup of new devices, with access to the documents and applications that they need. 

 Lack of central management 

With remote working arrangements increasing, strong communication between employees is key to ensuring productivity remains high. IT teams need to ensure they have the right technology tools in place so that staff are able to communicate and collaborate effectively. Our Modern Workplace solution removes the challenges centered around people, process and systems to increase employee morale and improve on operational efficiencies. A key service is the unification of communication systems and the implementation of a central repository to share documents. This ensures that all employees are able to access the information they need at all times, and work can continue both in and out of the office. 

The need to lower costs 

This is a task that is much easier said than done, and IT team leaders often don’t know where to start. CSA and Nexon can help you understand what processes can be optimised and the areas where money can be saved. As a start, we can assess and help remove legacy IT processes, replacing them with better more cost-effective alternatives. We can help transform your current products, applications and services into more intelligent and responsive offerings, leveraging the tools that are already at your disposal. Through machine learning and AI, we can generate valuable reporting and insights, as well as help you understand the business value of the information captured. 

So what is the first step? 

Our Modern Workplace readiness assessment allows us to understand your business, assess your environment and plan out your journey. From there we will provide a set of recommendations in order of priority, and work with your team to complete the most urgent projects first. We understand that not all recommendations can be implemented at once, so we will work with you over time to take on the larger longer-term projects. After all, modernising the workplace is a journey – CSA and Nexon are with you every step of the way. 


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