Application Modernisation

The workplace is no longer just the office or place where your people work. Modern devices and cloud services have enabled your team to effectively work, innovate, grow and thrive from anywhere. The challenge for organisations is to understand this change, engage their teams with new ways of working and optimise systems and processes to support them.

Across Australia, we are seeing a more flexible approach to how people work. Remote work policies, widespread cloud adoption, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, and a keener focus on collaboration have made our workplaces more agile and effective than ever before. 

We understand that the Modern Workplace is not a solution, but a journey. CSA together with Nexon have years of expertise and best of breed technologies that come together to enable organisations to provide more agile, productive and secure working environments for users. 

Together we offer customers the right foundation to deliver on the Modern Workplace vision:  

Engage, Communicate and Collaborate


From network infrastructure to software applications, productivity is entirely dependent on how people communicate and work together as a team. Leveraging Microsoft Teams, and modern tools we ensure optimal collaboration, reducing multiple communication tools to deliver a more streamlined workflow. Services include automating processes, creating collaborative portals with robust internet and securing and managing access to applications.

Empowering Users with Modern Devices


With so many options available – bring your own device (BYOD), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), standard operating environment, and workspaces – business leaders face difficult, often confusing, decisions when it comes to choosing the right solution to meet the needs of their organisation and its employees.

Optimise and Automate Business Processes


Process automation offers numerous benefits, including improved service quality and more efficient service delivery at a lower cost.

Discover our combined services and offering in delivering a frictionless environment for your customers and employees, no matter their location.