UC & Contact Centre

The world of work has changed forever. No longer is the office limited to a single location. The modern workplace is a network of collaboration connecting staff, contractors, suppliers and customers regardless of their location. Whether a large enterprise or a cloud-based start-up, CSA together with Nexon deliver unified communications and collaboration solutions transforming a team’s working environment to ensure employees are reach their full potential. Our services extend to include voice, VOIP, video conferencing, call-centre and workplace solutions so that teams can be productive anywhere, anytime and from any device. 

Our Contact Centre solutions seamlessly connect customer interactions across every channel – phone, email, live chat, social media, SMS and more, while enabling advanced integrations across enterprise CRMs and other IT systems.  

Whether you’re looking to simplify inbound or outbound requests or optimise your existing contact centre tools, we have a flexible and comprehensive solution for you. Transforming the way you operate and collaborate across the business, starts with the right platform and integrations, however locking in productivity gains, better insights and process improvement are more likely to be embraced when a change management program is implemented. We’ve helped many organisations adopt new technologies and new ways of working by deploy strategies and controls of rolling out new digital technologies to deliver better employee and customer experiences.     

Discover how we can help your organisation transform to deliver better customer experiences today.