A Hybrid Workplace Requires Modern Devices

Technology has never been so important for the workplace, especially as people continue to work remotely. It’s not just employers and governments in the driver’s seat, the expectations of employees have changed too. They want to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, with any device. 

As a result of these changing needs, many forward-thinking organisations have taken steps to ensure their workplace is built for the future. It’s a great way to improve device management and increase the cost effectiveness of your tech. CSA and Nexon can provide the strategy, support, and infrastructure necessary for a secure and continuous hybrid working environment. 

What to look for in modern devices 

Devices in the workplace must support every aspect of an employee’s role. These days, each device must: 

  • Have all the tools and applications needed by the user 
  • Support the latest technologies, operating systems, and application updates 
  • Provide complete endpoint security 
  • Be accessible from anywhere 
  • Not crash when they are needed the most 

Are you overburdening your IT team? 

CSA and Nexon provide centralised provisioning and management of devices, applications and user support in a secure and cost-effective manner. 

By partnering with an expert, we can help to guide and roadmap your business needs. Deployment is also another key advantage – it’s critical employees have what they need to maintain productivity. 

Having a service partner for maintenance and updates for both hardware and software means you can just get on with business. You can access M365, giving you a full suite of software to support communication and collaboration. M365 is geared towards organisations that want a single, secure platform with which to share and collaborate. It includes strong data security features on top of Windows 10 Pro, M365 and Microsoft Teams. 

If you want a thriving workplace and workforce, the first step is knowing where you are in your journey towards a secure and hybrid workplace. 


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