Inclusion and Diversity

CSA is committed to creating a dynamic workplace where all employees feel comfortable, appreciated and understood. Our holistic approach is embedded in every part of CSA enabling every employee the opportunity to drive their best selves.

Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO):

CSA provides equal employment opportunity (EEO) without regard to race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family or carer’s responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin. CSA is committed to merit based recruitment practices which incorporates the principles of equal opportunity to ensure that the most capable person is selected for a position on the basis of merit and refers to the right of every individual to be given scrupulously fair consideration for any job for which they are skilled and qualified. The commitment to EEO is linked to our Mission, Vision and Values. These emphasise mutual respect and caring, uncompromising integrity, enabling personal potential and providing staff with work life integration that recognises the family, caring responsibilities and other personal commitments.

Gender Equality

Women in senior management positions employed at CSA currently stand at 30%. CSA acknowledges the need to further minimise the current technological industry divide between women and men and is actively endorsing the promotion of gender equality in its workplace. CSA is committed to equal remuneration between women and men, the inclusion of women’s contributions to leadership roles, decision making and leadership development opportunities for women and aspiring leaders.

Computer Systems Australia is committed to providing a safe and healthy place of work for all its employees and visitors. Computer Systems Australia believes that all incidents which cause injury/ill-health to persons or damage/loss to property can be prevented and therefore takes every reasonable effort to prevent incidents through a risk management approach to promote a safe and healthy working environment.
All employees of CSA are responsible for safety in the workplace. The company makes available appropriate resources to ensure that it complies in all respects of work health and safety legislation, and to ensure that the workplace is a safe and healthy one. Responsible health and safety practices are a condition of employment.
In order to ensure continual progress towards the optimal working environment; management and employees at CSA interact harmoniously and proactively. All health and safety deficiencies are addressed immediately using a risk assessment and management approach. Through consultation and the implementation of policies and WHS programs, CSA aims to continually improve our WHS system which from time to time is reviewed in accordance with any changes in relevant legislation.