Training & career development

CSA has a focus and commitment to training and development and has created the industry’s best, highly motivated, accountable and valued workers.

Everything that CSA expects to achieve in business is dependent on the individual performance of its staff. Employee capabilities are CSA’s greatest asset. Consequently, its performance management system is designed to maximise these competencies.

Recognition, reward and opportunities for career development are intrinsically linked to the performance of individuals, teams and ultimately, the organisation as a whole.

CSA maintains ongoing strategic alliances with key vendors and partners. We also deliver best-practice solutions and services to clients. Each CSA employee has a career path specifically designed to align with their professional ambitions. CSA also provides both financial and time support for employees to realise their plans.

Not a technologist?

Don’t worry…

CSA provides career paths for all employees. Careers at CSA can span CSA business Units, Technology Streams and/or Technical Expertise. During performance management meetings individuals can discuss their career preferences or objectives with HR and develop a plan for the individual that meets both their personal goals and CSA business objectives.

Training, seminars and conferences are offered to employees to increase knowledge and remain at the forefront of the ever-changing technology and business landscape.

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