Why we love working at CSA
CSA enjoys an enviable staff retention and longevity record. Through this we’ve been able to assemble one of, if not the most, talented team in the IT industry.

Every staff member has their reason why they call CSA home. For some it is the career potential it provides, others the family-owned dynamic, core values & ethics or the work-life flexibility. Others are attracted by the belief in our strategy and vision as a place that can “DO AMAZING THINGS”.

Those in Newcastle love the family lifestyle benefits it affords and those in our Sydney and Melbourne offices may prefer the energy and proximity to all the big city action.

CSA is at the forefront of understanding a professional’s life is valued, and as such they need to optimize their life as efficiently as possible. CSA allows its professionals the flexibility to blend what they do professionally and personally in order to make them both work.

CSA recognizes the boundaries between family and career are blurred and offers a range of flexible work practices. At CSA there are more employees working remotely, allowing employees to perform at their best with improved balance.

Staff and volunteers are encouraged to discuss with their manager about achieving that balance within their Conditions of Employment. These may include: access to part-time work, flexible working arrangements, study leave and other career development opportunities and extended maternity/paternity leave provisions.

“Why do you work at CSA?”
I feel so lucky to be a core part of welcoming and helping all new CSA employees find their feet. We have great people here and it is amazing to see the great achievements of our employees and CSA as a whole. Elise Booth

Human Resources

Great positive team to work with, flexibility with my study, extra training and education opportunities to further my career and finally I love the drive, passion and experience of the team members around me. Eoin Smith


I first joined CSA in 2002 after graduating from the University of Newcastle. The role presented a rare and highly sought after opportunity to work for a cutting edge IT systems integrator headquartered in Newcastle. Brett Woods

Chief Technology Officer

Social Club

CSA’s social club organises a number of free or subsidised events throughout the year that are available to all employees and their families or friends.

The social club committee run by volunteers’ exits to help individuals enjoy stronger relations with their colleagues, friends and family outside of work whilst also remaining committed to helping out the community. The social club indulges staff with free fruit, confectionary stand and fridge with subsidised chips, muesli bars, chocolates, and drinks.

Previous events include: