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Dedicated to Quality and Information Security

We are committed to delivering best practices across everything we do. In 2017 we added ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification, which we have held for over 20 years.

The recent addition of ISO27001 reflects the growing need to proactively prevent and manage information security breaches, a high priority of the majority of organisations who are seeking partners that meet the ISO/IEC27001 standard to protect their data.


ISO27001 for Information Security Management Systems

The standard formalises the requirements for an ISMS (Information Security Management System), a systematic approach to keep sensitive information and assets secure within organisations. It includes the application of a risk management framework to people, processes and IT systems. In order to achieve this certification, a company must show it has a systematic and ongoing approach to managing sensitive company and customer information. Upon successful completion, the organisation must complete regular ongoing surveillance and certification audits to maintain compliance with the standard.

All of our employees are committed to meet and maintain the extensive criteria required to satisfy the certification. It shows that we place the highest value on the security measures we take to protect client data.

ISO27001 certification is an extension of our existing information security processes, where we are currently offering dedicated Security-as-a-Service solutions built around global best practice.


ISO9001 for Quality Management

We have always had a focus on quality, gaining and maintaining ISO 9001 certification since 1997. We have a mature Quality Management System (QMS) that is is contained within the CSA Quality Manual.

The Quality Manual is the governing body that spells out how the objectives and intent of the QMS will be achieved and where the responsibilities and management authority is set, with external surveillance audits are carried out every 12 months to ensure compliance and maintain CSA’s certification status.