DataCentre or Cloud? Which is right for your business?

Both solutions have their benefits; it is important to do a thorough assessment to determine which solution is right for your business.

Standardise and Consolidate for simplification. Virtualise for affordability and flexibility. Automate to ensure consistency, improve agility and make time to innovate.


Shift from disparate and dedicated platforms to centralised, standardised and shared infrastructure solutions. Simplify deployment and management, while improving scalability, availability and performance management.


Competitive organisations require solutions that are affordable and can keep up with demand. Virtualisation enables capacity to be pooled and allocated more granularly to maximise Flexibility and efficiency of infrastructure resources.


Maximise the return on your investment in Converged Infrastructure. Automate for agility and deliver consistency. Reduce administrative burden, increase operational efficiency and make time to innovate.


A datacentre differs to a cloud solution in that it can be either an on-site or off-site solution under which the business owns the servers on which they are storing or operating. This allows a business to achieve some more unique solutions when compared to a cloud service.


  • Complete customisation of server
  • Easier to achieve reliable security
  • You own the equipment (servers)
  • Ability to host on-site for easy troubleshooting


  • Upfront cost of infrastructure
  • Ongoing maintenance


A cloud service is utilised through a 3rd party; this scenario carries its own pros and cons. Cloud services have become very popular business solutions in recent years due to their quick setup and low barrier to entry.


  • Quick to setup
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Utilise enterprise grade infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance by 3rd party


  • Potentially less secure than DataCentre
  • No ownership of servers

CSA has broad expertise across many DataCentre and Cloud products

CSA’s highly flexible and cost-effective cloud platform that is locally owned, hosted and operated. RedSky offers customers with a range of leading services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products delivered from geographically diverse datacentres located in Australia.

Azure is Microsoft’s leading IaaS and PaaS platform, whilst Microsoft Office 365 is a business productivity SaaS offering comprised of Office, Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Yammer. Azure is available in Australian datacentres, and soon O365 will be too.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of compute, storage, database, application and analytical services. Certain use cases are well served by AWS and CSA can help in guiding you through these decisions. AWS’ “Sydney Region” provides AWS services on-shore.

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