Modern Workplace-as-a-Service
for Business

Reclaim both time and budget with this modern workplace solution that embraces a complete, secure shift to the cloud.

Achieve complete cloud transformation by centralising the provisioning and management of devices, applications and user support into a single per user, per month bill

The way we work is changing fast. Today’s employees expect the ability to work collaboratively, from anywhere, on any device. To deliver this, without compromising security, you need an end-to-end IT solution that:

  • Gives your people access to smart devices and the latest software
  • Provides full support and a secure operating environment
  • Boosts productivity
  • Reduces cost and complexity


Meet Modern Workplace-as-a-Service (MWaaS)

CSA’s MWaaS is ideal for small to medium businesses seeking to move on-premise technologies out to the cloud. It combines Device-as-a-Service, user support and Microsoft 365 in one simple package.


It is a cost-effective, highly secure and streamlined way to meet the needs of today’s workers. And, underpinned by CSA’s ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications, it delivers a current, secure and fully supported fleet of devices with the right Microsoft licensing and ongoing user support.


Put your mind to the things that matter

With CSA in your corner, the procurement, deployment, ongoing management and support of devices, hardware and software is taken care of – so your employees always have the latest tools in hand. This gives you the freedom to focus on innovation, growth and digital transformation in other areas of the business.

And, by moving from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model, it is much easier for businesses to scale according to their current business requirements.


Inside the Modern Workplace

Securing PeopleCheck in the cloud


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