Telstra Calling for Microsoft Office 365 (TCO365)

Simple, intuitive calling in Microsoft Office 365.

Unify your tools into a Modern Workplace with Microsoft and Telstra

Embrace the Modern Workplace and help your people to work more effectively, whenever and wherever they need to. By enabling them to make calls to landlines or mobiles within Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. This solution offers a consistent and intuitive experience with tools that your people already know and trust.

Enjoy Telstra’s leading voice capability with the best of Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools, underpinned by Telstra’s world-class network and services expertise. Avoid the complexity of separate collaboration systems, meet security and compliance demands easily, and enjoy more financial flexibility.

Embrace an integrated, simpler model

Telstra - Microsoft TCO365

Transforming Organisations into Modern Workplaces

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A Hybrid Workplace Requires Modern Devices

Technology has never been so important for the workplace, especially as people continue to work remotely. It’s not just employers and governments in the driver’s seat, the expectations of employees have changed too. They want to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

Application Modernisation

The workplace is no longer just the office or place where your people work. Modern devices and cloud services have enabled your team to effectively work, innovate, grow and thrive from anywhere. The challenge for organisations is to understand this change, engage their teams with new ways of working and optimise systems and processes to support them.

UC & Contact Centre

The world of work has changed forever. No longer is the office limited to a single location. The modern workplace is a network of collaboration connecting staff, contractors, suppliers and customers regardless of their location.

Securing and protecting your digital environment

As the world swiftly moved to enable workforces all over the world to work from home in 2020, cloud became the norm for businesses and governments. While most organisations are now operating with some form of cloud, there is still some resistance to it’s many attractive features as some organisations grapple with data security concerns.

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